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Irmgard Acupuncture practice in Groningen

I am Irmgard Borchers, a certified acupuncturist in Groningen.
Together with you I would like to build a total picture of your complaint because I want to treat the cause and not just the symptoms. Moreover, I believe that the mind and body are inextricably linked. I believe a good working relationship is fundamental because you are the expert on your complaint and I would like to adjust my treatment to your observations and experience.

You are most welcome

I shall question you in depth about your complaint. The symptoms you describe are like branches of a tree. Because I want to build a complete picture with regard to your complaint, I will ask additional information about the roots, the source of your complaint. Furthermore, I will examine your tongue and your pulse. They will give me information about the balance in your organic system.
Besides that, I would really like to know more about your medical history, and if necessary, which medicine you use. I will formulate a treatment based on the information you give me.
I hope to welcome you to my practice in de Oranjebuurt van Groningen

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