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For me, acupuncture was an entirely new experience, I had never done before. I came with arthrosis in my hand and had been wearing a handbrace for almost a year. In my profession, as a medical nurse, this caused a lot of discomfort. Irmgard went to work with it and it was miraculous. After two treatments and some good tips I can state that I’ve had no pain or discomfort for almost two weeks and the most important thing: I don’t wear my brace anymore. Irmgard is very competent, takes a good time for the intake and is seriously invested in treating your complaint. Her practice is highly recommend.
J.B. .

Lack of energy, restlessness, nutrition

The treatments that Irmgard gave me were my first acupuncture experiences. I felt directly at ease and the treatments were satisfying. Amongst other things, Irmgard helped me to reach a state of calm and my energy level has improved. Besides the treatment, she gave me practical advice about food. I incorporated this advice into my routine and it made me feel much better.
F.D. .

Sleep problems 1

After going through an emotional and very difficult time in my life, I kept suffering from insomnia. I woke up almost every night between 3 and 4 o’clock and usually remained awake for a long time. I visited Irmgard’s practice for acupuncture three times and can finally sleep through the night! Because of this, I’ve noticed that I have made progress in dealing with the issues which caused the insomnia and I feel much more at ease. Thank you Irmgard, for your expertise and personal approach.

Sleep problems 2

I contacted Irmgard because of sleeplessness. I reacted well to acupuncture, but after a few times the treatment didn’t quite take affect. We were both disappointed, but Irmgard kept on looking for ways to help me. Then she tried aural acupuncture and eureka! The periods that I am able to sleep are increasingly longer. In other words: I sleep much better.
W.G.C. .

Inflammation of the tendons, fatigue, back complaints, mood swings

I came to Irmgard hoping she could help me with the inflammation of the tendon in my right upper arm. I wasn’t able to use it due to the pain. After a preliminary consult, some more complaints were uncovered where acupuncture could also be helpful. I felt a good connection with Irmgard so I decided to be treated. At first she treated my arm, the treatments of the other complaints would follow. After a few days the pain was, to my surprise and joy, substantially less and I was painfree after a second treatment. Then I got treatment for my other complaints like; lack of energie, lower back complaints and mood swings. Irmgard is a professional, gives a clear explanation and is passionate about her profession. Furthermore, she is a nice person that radiates faith. After 6 treatments I barely had any complaints. I had more energy, I wasn’t so tired anymore, I slept better and my mood swings and back complaints were gone. I will certainly occasionally come back to Irmgard for a “maintenance-treatment”. Irmgard, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your good care.
D.Z. .

Abdomen complaints

I came to Irmgard with complaints of a bloated and painful abdomen. Irmgard explained in a very clear, calm and competent way what she would do. I had no previous experience with acupuncture and was very surprised by the feeling of complete relaxation I experienced immediately after the very first treatment. Furthermore, my bloated and painful abdomen improved after each session. And after adapting my diet (with help from a nutritionist) and taking probiotics, my complaints disappeared.
K.M. .

Shortness of breath, trigeminal neuralgia

I went to Irmgard because I was suffering from shortness of breath and for trigeminal neuralgia due to trauma. The consultations at Irmgard’s pratice were my first experience with acupuncture. After having tried many things in the past, to gain insight into my (painful) complaints (and of course, to get rid of them), I really didn’t know what to do next. The acupuncture method Irmgard chose for me (I didn’t know, there were different methods …) gave me huge relief. Another fine aspect is that Irmgard was able to give me good advice about how to move on from here… Besides this, I enjoyed the contact with Irmgard. She is serious about her work, does everything while communicating with me, is open about her decisions, is focused on me as an individual, is empathic, social and this gives you a feeling of security and trust.
M.B. .

Chronic pelvic complaints, scars, abdominal surgery

I came to see Irmgard with chronic pelvic complaints due to scar tissue caused by many abdominal surgeries.

The way Irmgard works appeals to me.She is quiet and decent, takes time to investigate your complaints. She is very professional. This approach helps you understand your complaints and gives insight to the way in which acupuncture works in the process.

I noticed that I could totally relax in the treatment. My experience was that when the needles were inserted everything flowed through, as if it had been blocked before. After treatment I often felt the effects in a good way. I decided not to make any appointments immediately after the treatment in order to give everything time to settle down.

My chronic complaint decreased after 6 sessions and I can handle it better because I’m more balancednow. Thank you, Irmgard!
T.K. .


I had a bursitis in my shoulder. Out of desperation, I went to an acupuncturist without any expectations, because other treatment methods hadn’t hadn’t helped in the 2,5 years that I had this complaint. Miraculously, de bursitis disappeared in 7 treatments. Irmgard, I thank you so much and sincerely recommend you.
L.K. .

The menopause, sleep-related problems, general unease, tightness in the chest

I was suffering from hot flushes especially at night. Because of this I slept very badly and as a result I felt tired during the day, the consequences of which are predictable. After a few sessions I was able to sleep through the night. The hot flashes during the day and night have more or less disappeared. It has been a couple of months since my last treatment. Now I feel warm at around 5 a.m. and that lasts till around 8 a.m. These are not comparable to the hot flashes I suffered from before my treatment. I think that it’s time to return for one last treatment to overcome this last hurdle.

I also felt rushed and uneasy. This completely disappeared straight after the first treatment. At the moment I am very busy and feel very agitated. I will go back for another session to help me with this.

I felt pressure on my chest and which quickly became stifling. This feeling disappeared after a few sessions and has not returned since the last treatment a few months ago.

I am very satisfied with the results of the treatments and the way in which you approach people, the comprehensive consultation, the explanation of the treatment and how you take your time with people.
C.V. .

Lower back complaints, restlessness, lack of energy

Irmgard really knows her craft. First, she asks very specific questions. In doing so she is able to determine the correct diagnosis. Irmgard alleviated my lower back complaints by using cupping amongst other methods. The “ battery” should also be charged regularly. Needles are used in this treatment. After that I feel calmer and more energized. I wholeheartedly recommend Irmgard.
J. S. Gr. .

Tennis elbow

I was treated for two tennis elbows. After two treatments I was pain free! Furthermore, the atmosphere in Irmgard’s practice is very nice.
S.D. .

Chronic cystitis (inflammation of bladder

More than two and a half years ago I suffered a renal infection, followed a few months later by a cystitis. I checked the condition of my bladder weekly with urine sticks, which did not make me happy. Finding leukocyte or blood in my urine and healthy eating was demotivating. Hospital check-ups did not give me any answers and according to the doctors I completely emptied my bladder when I urinated. However, I still got the feeling that this was not the case. As though there was a kind of swan neck pipe fitted to end of my bladder. If I stayed on the toilet for a while longer, I was able to pass quite a lot more urine. After various antibiotic cures I found Irmgard and she told me that she would give me some “acupuncture braces”. To my great surprise, that night I didn’t have to urinate again after going to the toilet and this was so for the rest of the week but returned a little after two weeks. Irmgard gave me the “braces” again and I am happy to report that my urine has been clean for the last few months.
A.G. .

Pain around the midriff

I came to Irmgard because of a painful feeling around my midriff. What I particularly remember about the first consultation was how well Irmgard listens to you. Irmgard treated me based on the conclusions she had made. After the first treatment, the pain had lessened significantly. After 4 treatments the pain had more or less disappeared.
M.D. .

Stomach complaints, bowel complaints and nausea a year after surgery

I contacted Irmgard with regard to stomach and bowel complaints (due to a serious operation) and as a result of which I was also not mentally in balance. I’ve had 5 treatments and my complaints are much better, nausea after eating is virtually nil, my bowels are calmer. Because of these improvements I also feel in balance again. Irmgard is very much aware of where she is placing the needles and the effect she wants to have. All decisions are made together with Irmgard. You can tell her which problem is foremost and she also thinks with you not only with regard to the treatment but also other areas. In my case, for instance, she helped me with my diet. This, in itself, is wonderful that someone tries to think up solutions to your physical problems. In short, it was a good decision to visit Irmgard.
W v/d P.