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Articles written by fellow acupuncturist, Willem Pinksterboer, which are well worth reading (english language!).


Traditional Chinese Medicine Academie (TCMA)
An acupuncture course where you learn all aspects of the craft!
With a lot of emphasis on practical learning.


No one is surprised when an engine malfunctions when you fill the tank with the wrong fuel. But few people realize the effects that food has on the body if it contains preservatives, additives, colourings etc. This makes it harder for the body to process and the body begins to malfunction. See the links below:

A video about the amount of rubbish that is added to our food without our knowledge (dutch language).

An easy-to-read book about the importance of good nutrition (dutch language):
Met verstand gezond

A very good site full of detailed information about diet (dutch language):

Cook books that have tasty recipes and are good to read, with lots of information about nutrition (dutch language).

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