Privacy statement

Your privacy

In order to ensure a successful consultation, it is essential that I, as your practitioner, create a dossier. This is a legal obligation imposed by the WGBO (Medical Treatment Agreement Act). Your dossier contains notes about your health and data pertaining to completed examinations and treatments.

The dossier also contains information that is necessary in order to treat you effectively, which I may have obtained from another caregiver or that has been given to me with your permission.

I do my best to safeguard your privacy. This means, amongst other things, that I:

  • Treat your personal and medical data with care.
  • Make sure that no unauthorised parties gain access to your information.

In my capacity as your practitioner, have access to the information in your dossier. I have a legal duty to maintain confidentiality (professional confidentiality). Other parties who have access to the information need to apply for and receive a personal information process agreement (including a confidentiality agreement). You may access the information, amend it, delete or export it (data portability).

The information in your dossier may also be used:

  • To inform other caregivers, e.g. if the therapy has been completed or you have been referred to another practitioner. This will only happen with your express permission.
  • In order to order Chinese herbs or supplements from a natural pharmacy.
  • For a locum in my absence.
  • Anonymously for intercollegiate testing.
  • Anonymously for teaching purposes (during work placements or in my lessons).
  • For financial administration. My administrator will need your name, address and date of birth in order to invoice you.
    If I wish to use your information for any other reason, I will contact you and ask your permission first.

This information will be kept in the client dossier for 15 years, in accordance with Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO). The information will be automatically deleted 15 years after the last consultation. You reserve the right to access this information, to change it or, via written request, have it deleted at an earlier date.

If you have a complaint about how I use your personal and medical information and we are unable to resolve the matter, you may place a formal complaint to the data protection authorities.

Privacy and your invoice

Your invoice or annual summary of health care costs will contain all the information that the insurance company needs in order for you to claim reimbursement with your health insurance provider.

  • Your name, address and date of birth.
  • The consulation dates.
  • EA short description of the consulation:
    natuurgeneeskundig consult prestatienr. 24104
    (this means acupuncture treatment).
  • The costs for the consulation.
  • The health insurer and policy number.