Painfree acupuncture for children

Children react very quickly to acupuncture treatment.
The sooner a child heals, the more energy the child has to develop and grow in a healthy manner.
For a competent, childfriendly acupuncture treatment, which is tailored to your child’s individual needs, please visit Irmgard Borchers! She has successfully completed extra training in Shonishin painfree child acupuncture.

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Children need another type of acupuncture treatment than adults. They are young, developing fast, react more quickly and are more sensitive to treatments. Furthermore, they are often scared of needles and more active and mobile.
During the treatment the acupuncturist uses Shonishin instruments to role, stroke and tick very gently on the skin. In this way the skin is not punctured with a needle. The child can move freely and experiences the treatment as a pleasant massage.
Since children recover quicker than adults, they need proportionally less and shorter treatments. Furthermore, magnet plasters can be placed on acupuncture points to support the treatment and often the parents get massage tips to use at home. Children find the treatment very relaxing and often feel instantly better. Even babies can be treated this way.

Complaints that can be treated are:

digestion problems;
problems with the airways;
hyperactivity, quick irritation, agitation, anger; excessive crying;
sleep problems;
ear infections;
chronic colds;
cystitis (infection of the bladder);
bed-wetting in older children;
weak consitution.

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and make an appointment for a free preliminary consultation if your child has any complaint that is not listed above.

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Prices of treatments for children

When treating children up to 11 years old there are different prices because the treatment takes less time.
0 up to 5 years: € 27,- per treatment
6 up to 11 years: € 38,- per treatment
Shonishin can even be used on babies.