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Important to know with regard to:

Appointment change or cancellation;
Please change or cancel no less than 24 hours in advance if you are unable to attend the appointment so that another person can be treated instead of you.
You can do this by phone: 0613287466 or by mail:
Please bring your health insurance card to your first consultation.

Accessibility, parking
If you arrive by car, I can log your number plate in on my visitors parking permit,
provided that you give me your number plate in advance.
Then you can just park without paying and without having to use a parking metre.
Further information about the accessibility of the practice can be found on

A free preliminary consultation
A free preliminary consultation takes an hour, and does not oblige you to anything.
I shall ask in-depth questions about your complaint.
The symptoms you describe are like branches of a tree. Because I would like to have a total picture with regard to your complaint, I will ask extra questions which will lead me to the root of your complaint. Furthermore, I will inspect your tongue and feel your pulse. This will give me information about the balance in your body’s organic system.
Besides this, I find it important to receive information about your medical history and, if applicable, what medication you use.

A consultation
If you wear loose-fitting trousers, you usually will not have to take them off during the treatment.
It’s the same procedure with regard to shirts with a wide collar and sleeves that can be rolled up above the elbows.
It is better to eat something about an hour before the treatment so that you don’t get hungry during the treatment.
However, a very full stomach is not advisable.

Do you have any question?
Please do not hesitate to contact Irmgard on 0613287466 or mail
I will be pleased to answer your questions.

See you soon in the practice!
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