Acupuncture, how does it work?

Restoring balance

By inserting acupuncture needles, blockages can be broken and energy pathways from organs and meridian channels are influenced. Where there is an excess of energy, it is tapped off and where there is too little energy, more energy can be added
In this way individual patients can follow a personalised path to restore health and balance. This influences the organic system in the body and the mind.
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Energy is the basis

The premise is that everything is energy, and energy is a vibration. Depending on the vibration frequency, energy manifests itself as either solid matter or in an invisible form:

  • Energy in solid form can be physically touched or held and cannot easily change form
  • Energy with a higher frequency can no longer be held but can be experienced through the senses (e.g. wind or noise)
  • More intangible forms of energy can also be experienced, but are harder to quantify.

The moment that the needle (matter) pierces the skin (matter), the whole frequency range is affected on the following levels:

  • The body
  • The senses
  • Thoughts
  • Emotions

So, acupuncture is not only be experienced on the physical level, but also on the emotional level and the mind.


Acupuncture makes use of the 12 meridians that correspond to various organs such as the heart meridian or the stomach meridian. However, there are many more. In total there are 56 meridians which not only run externally, but also internally. Besides this, there are many points at which the meridians cross paths and interact with each other.
So, meridians are energy channels that are linked to the organs and ensure that organs and tissues are provided with energy. Energy is not only physical. Consequently, every organ and every meridian provides other types of energy, like mental and emotional energy. In this way acupuncture has a total effect. This is important because if imbalance manifests itself physically, then it will affect the other levels.

How I choose meridian points

Each meridian has a certain number of points varying from 9 (heart meridian) to 67 (bladder meridian). Each point has a specific task with regard to your energy levels e.g.:

  • To raise energy levels
  • To lower energy levels
  • To link two organs
  • To eliminate disruptions or imbalances which cause illness
  • To eliminate heat or cold

After having first diagnosed the disruption or imbalance by observing, questioning, and by wrist and tongue diagnosis, I then insert the needles. By doing this I initiate movement in a meridian pathway in such a way that the imbalance is eliminated.

In harmony

After the needle has been inserted, you can ensure that balance has been restored by touching the wrist. After which, balance is restored throughout the body. It is actually harder on the body to be out of balance than in balance. Compare “walking with one leg on the pavement and one leg on the road”. It is hard to keep that up. One’s body prefers to be in balance with “both feet on the pavement”.
When the body is back in balance, the treatment can stop.

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