Chronic complaints

Do you suffer from chronic complaints and have exhausted all traditional routes?
Then visit Irmgard Borchers for a competent acupuncture treatment which is tailor-made to fit your individual needs.
She has successfully completed extra training in the Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese style acupuncture in order treat persistent and chronic complaints such as:

hormonal complaints with regard to;

  • menopause
  • menstruation
  • thyroid disorder
  • adrenal disorder
  • pituitary disorder

disorders of the (auto)-immunesystem;
complaints after an operation due to scar tissue;
support of the liver during intake of medication;
hypoglycemia (low bloodsugar), diabetes;
stress-related imbalance in autonomic nervous system complaints;
chronic cystitis (infection of the bladder);
visceroptosis (prolapse);
postural complaints and backaches.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Irmgard on 0613287466

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Stomach complaints, bowel complaints and nausea a year after surgery
I contacted Irmgard with regard to stomach and bowel complaints (due to a serious operation) and as a result of which I was also not mentally in balance.
I’ve had 5 treatments and my complaints are much better, nausea after eating is virtually nil, my bowels are calmer. Because of these improvements I also feel in balance again. Irmgard is very much aware of where she is placing the needles and the effect she wants to have. All decisions are made together with Irmgard. You can tell her which problem is foremost and she also thinks with you not only with regard to the treatment but also other areas. In my case, for instance, she helped me with my diet. This, in itself, is wonderful that someone tries to think up solutions to your physical problems. In short, it was a good decision to visit Irmgard.
W v/d P.

Chronic cystitis (inflammation of bladder)
More than two and a half years ago I suffered a renal infection, followed a few months later by a cystitis. I checked the condition of my bladder weekly with urine sticks, which did not make me happy. Finding leukocyte or blood in my urine and healthy eating was demotivating. Hospital check-ups did not give me any answers and according to the doctors I completely emptied my bladder when I urinated. However, I still got the feeling that this was not the case. As though there was a kind of swan neck pipe fitted to end of my bladder. If I stayed on the toilet for a while longer, I was able to pass quite a lot more urine. After various antibiotic cures I found Irmgard and she told me that she would give me some “acupuncture braces”. To my great surprise, that night I didn’t have to urinate again after going to the toilet and this was so for the rest of the week but returned a little after two weeks. Irmgard gave me the “braces” again and I am happy to report that my urine has been clean for the last few months.

Chronic pelvic complaints, scars, abdominal surgery
I came to see Irmgard with chronic pelvic complaints due to scar tissue caused by many abdominal surgeries.
The way Irmgard works appeals to me.She is quiet and decent, takes time to investigate your complaints. She is very professional.
This approach helps you understand your complaints and gives insight to the way in which acupuncture works in the process.
I noticed that I could totally relax in the treatment. My experience was that when the needles were inserted everything flowed through, as if it had been blocked before. After treatment I often felt the effects in a good way.
I decided not to make any appointments immediately after the treatment in order to give everything time to settle down.
My chronic complaint decreased after 6 sessions and I can handle it better because I’m more balancednow.
Thank you, Irmgard!

Pain around the midriff
I came to Irmgard because of a painful feeling around my midriff. What I particularly remember about the first consultation was how well Irmgard listens to you. Irmgard treated me based on the conclusions she had made. After the first treatment, the pain had lessened significantly. After 4 treatments the pain had more or less disappeared,