• Graduated cum laude from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy in Amsterdam (TCMA). This is a course which lays a lot of emphasis on the practical application of the methods.
  • Graduated cum laude from the Westerse Medische Basisopleiding (Basic Western medical training), TCMA


  • Specialisation in Japanese Acupuncture, Kiiko Matsumoto style
    – Japanese Acupuncture Foundation Course (Andy Harrop)
    – Treating persistent and chronic illnesses amongst other things (Kiiko Matsumoto)
    – Treating the digestive system (Andy Harrop)
    – Treating the kidneys and bladder (Andy Harrop)
  • Specialisation in Tan Balance Method
    Treating pain effectively I, II en III (Kris Oosting)
  • Shonishin (Stephen Birch)
    An absolutely pain-free form of specialised acupuncture for children and babies.
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  • Insomnia (Hamid Montakab)
  • Western medical courses
    – Intestinal microbiome and skin infections (Thecla Hekker)
    – Master Class Stomach Liver Intestines (Marijke de Waal Malefijt)
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