Effective pain relief

Are you in pain?
Then visit Irmgard Borchers for a professional acupuncture treatment that is tailor-made to fit your individual needs.

Acupuncture is a proven form of alternative treatment in helping to alleviate or repress chronic and acute pain. This is especially true when there is no need to insert needles into the painful area itself.

My approach is to examine the painful area (the client can indicate where this is, if it is too sensitive to touch), after which I will treat the pain by using acupuncture on another area. 
By using this method it is even possible to treat phantom pain! 
The treatment should relieve the pain instantly.

For chronic complaints you will need more treatments for the pain relief to be effective in the long term. Eventually, the pain should disappear completely.
When experiencing acute pain, acupuncture relieves the pain rapidly. So, the earlier you get treatment, the less treatments you will need!

Acupuncture can effectively treat other complaints besides pain. 
For instance: nausea, menstrual disorders, etc.

In order to specialize in treating pain, I have followed these courses

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Tennis elbow
I was treated for two tennis elbows. After two treatments I was pain free! Furthermore, the atmosphere in Irmgard’s practice is very nice.

Inflammation of the tendons, fatigue, back complaints, mood swings
I came to Irmgard hoping she could help me with the inflammation of the tendon in my right upper arm. I wasn’t able to use it due to the pain.
After a preliminary consult, some more complaints were uncovered where acupuncture could also be helpful. I felt a good connection with Irmgard so I decided to be treated.
At first she treated my arm, the treatments of the other complaints would follow. After a few days the pain was, to my surprise and joy, substantially less and I was painfree after a second treatment.
Then I got treatment for my other complaints like; lack of energie, lower back complaints and mood swings.
Irmgard is a professional, gives a clear explanation and is passionate about her profession.
Furthermore, she is a nice person that radiates faith.
After 6 treatments I barely had any complaints. I had more energy, I wasn’t so tired anymore, I slept better and my mood swings and back complaints were gone.
I will certainly occasionally come back to Irmgard for a “maintenance-treatment”.
Irmgard, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your good care.

Lower back complaints, restlessness, lack of energy
Irmgard really knows her craft. First, she asks very specific questions. In doing so she is able to determine the correct diagnosis. Irmgard alleviated my lower back complaints by using cupping amongst other methods.
The “ battery” should also be charged regularly. Needles are used in this treatment. After that I feel calmer and more energized. I wholeheartedly recommend Irmgard.
J. S. Gr.

Chronic pelvic complaints, scars, abdominal surgery
I came to see Irmgard with chronic pelvic complaints due to scar tissue caused by many abdominal surgeries.
The way Irmgard works appeals to me.She is quiet and decent, takes time to investigate your complaints. She is very professional.
This approach helps you understand your complaints and gives insight to the way in which acupuncture works in the process.
I noticed that I could totally relax in the treatment. My experience was that when the needles were inserted everything flowed through, as if it had been blocked before. After treatment I often felt the effects in a good way.
I decided not to make any appointments immediately after the treatment in order to give everything time to settle down.
My chronic complaint decreased after 6 sessions and I can handle it better because I’m more balancednow.
Thank you, Irmgard!

Pain around the midriff
I came to Irmgard because of a painful feeling around my midriff. What I particularly remember about the first consultation was how well Irmgard listens to you. Irmgard treated me based on the conclusions she had made. After the first treatment, the pain had lessened significantly. After 4 treatments the pain had more or less disappeared,