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“Do acupuncture needles hurt?”
The needles that are used are much thinner than the needles that are used to draw blood. Generally speaking you shouldn’t feel anything. Parts of the body that are not very fleshy can be sensitive when the needle is inserted. If you continue to feel pain after this, please tell me. If you are very nervous, let me know beforehand and I will use hair-thin needles to put you at ease. .

“What can I expect at a preliminary consultation?”
The first consultation lasts one and a half hour. I shall ask in-depth questions about your complaint. The symptoms you describe are like branches of a tree. Because I would like to have a total picture with regard to your complaint, I will ask extra questions which will lead me to the root of your complaint. Furthermore, I will inspect your tongue and feel your pulse. This will give me information about the balance in your body’s organic system. Besides this, I would like to know more about your medical history and, if applicable, what medication you use. I will treat you based on the information you give me. The follow-up sessions lasts between one and one and a half hour. .

“What is important during an acupuncture consultation?”
-Please don’t use a tongue-scraper or drink coffee before the consultation (this disturbs the information that I can read on your tongue). -If you wear loose-fitting trousers, you usually will not have to take them off during the treatment. -It is better to eat something about an hour before the treatment so that you don’t get hungry during the treatment. However, a very full stomach is not advisable. -I would like to have a list of the medication you currently use, dates of operations and your national identification number. By doing this, I will have more time for the consultation. .

“How many acupuncture treatments are necessary in order to cure my complaint?
It is my goal to make you better. Not feeling a little better, but really improve your health issues. Acute conditions normally change fast. In chronic conditions symptoms have been there for a long time and deserve some time to change. However, my goal is to achieve some noticeable improvements after a few treatments. With an initial positive experience you then can decide how to best proceed. .

“Can children be treated with acupuncture?”
Children can become ill quickly. Examples are: digestion problems, problems with the airways, infections, hyperactivity, sleep problems, eczema, ear infections, colds and bed-wetting. Acupuncture can offer a solution. With the right adjustment in the energy fields, they can recuperate quickly. This is because children usually have a lot of energy that only has to be supported and correctly channelled. Once in balance, the healthy forces can resume their work. When treating children I use a Japanese style of acupuncture which is absolutely painless and totally tailored to children’s needs. No needles are used. Instead I work with special Shonishin instruments which I use to stimulate the meridians and affected skin areas with a type of massage. In order to treat acupuncture points a blunt stick is pressed against the skin but the skin is not penetrated. Most children find this very mild treatment quite pleasant. Shonishin can even be used on babies. .

“I am pregnant, is acupuncture right for me?”
Acupuncture can help complaints during pregnancy. Acupuncture can also help with your desire to have children and complaints after delivery. See also pregnancy complaints and gynaecology. I know which complaints may be treated. .

“I use medicine, would I have to stop taking it when I begin an acupuncture treatment?”
No, in first instance you should continue to use your medicine. As your symptoms lessen, you can review your medication with your doctors and see whether you should lessen or even stop your medication. .

“Do I have to inform my doctor of my acupuncture treatment?”
You can inform your doctor that you are undergoing acupuncture treatment, but there is no obligation to do so.