What treatments are available?

The following treatments are available:

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Acupunctuur naalden Behandelingsmethoden

Acupunctuur naalden


The needles used are much thinner than those used to draw blood. This is why people generally don’t notice when the needles are inserted. However, places which are less fleshy can be sensitive when the needles are first inserted. If, however, you continue to feel pain you should tell me.
If you are very nervous, please let me know and I will use the hair-thin needles, if that helps to put you at ease.
The needles are sterile and are only used once. Then they are disposed of in a special needle container.

Acumagneetje Behandelingsmethoden



Magnets on the skin can be used to treat scars amongst other ailments. Circulation around the scar area can be improved significantly by placing magnets above and below the scar.

Pionex naaldje Behandelingsmethoden

Pionex naaldje

Pionex in oor Behandelingsmethoden

Pionex in oor


Pyonex needles are extremely small needles that can be applied for a longer period. The treatment length can be extended when using these needles. Pyonex needles are often used in auricular (ear) acupuncture.

Ooracupunctuur Behandelingsmethoden


Auricular acupuncture

An electrical resistance probe can be used on a number of problem areas. A pyonex needle is applied to the most reactive points. Auricular acupuncture is a suitable treatment for many complaints and is often used in addiction therapy.

Cuppen Behandelingsmethoden



Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment which is often used by acupuncturists. One or more cups are placed on the skin. The vacuum created by the cup on the skin mobilises blood flow and energy to the surface via suction. In this way isolated stagnations, which produce muscle, joint or back pain, for example, can be alleviated.
Waste products are drawn up to the space between the skin and the muscles and are neutralised by the body’s own cleansing system. Cupping is therefore a good device to use to eradicate cold from the body which would otherwise give rise to colds or flu.

Acutape Behandelingsmethoden


Acu tape

Acu tape is applied to a flexed muscle. The tape will bunch up and pull on the skin when the muscle is in a relaxed state. This sends a local “repair signal” to the body.

Voeding Behandelingsmethoden



Food is the fuel which allows us to function.
No one is surprised when an engine malfunctions when you fill the tank with the wrong fuel. But few people realize the effects that food has on the body if it contains preservatives, additives, colourings etc. This makes it harder for the body to process and the body begins to malfunction.
I pay special attention to people who have a bad diet; it is important to eat well at breakfast for example.
However, not every diet is suitable for everyone. Cold diets such as, vegetable salads can lead to problems for people who are overweight due to digestive problems. In such a case I would advise warm soups.

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