Why acupuncture?

Acupuncture, a substantial contribution to your health.


People are incredibly extraordinary beings. Everything in one’s body and mind works in harmony; from the smallest cell and the organs, to what we recognize as ourselves: “this is me”.
During my course I learned many new things about we humans and each answer raised new questions. I have become increasingly aware of how miraculous it is that there is such a harmonious cooperation between the cells, the organs, bacteria and bowels, mind and body, hormones, nerves, connective issue etc. As long as this works well, you will not experience any pain and you will probably not be aware of all that is going on because it is so natural.


The moment that a person becomes ill is a sign that the harmonious cooperation has been disrupted. Then the body tries to find a way to rebalance itself. Quite often you may not experience any real complaint for quite some time. This is when I come into the picture as an acupuncturist. It’s very important for me to solve the puzzle: where is the disruption? Where can my acupuncture treatment be of most effective use in this dynamic? How can we restore harmony? My goal is to contribute in such a way that the body can relax and rebalance itself.
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Body and mind

When I speak of the body I also mean the mind because they are inseparable.
It’s actually quite strange to imagine the two as separate. Everyone knows from personal experience that you don’t feel good mentally when you are ill and vice versa and that the psyche influences the body. This is why I view both aspects as a whole in the treatment.

I would like to restore balance within you.

I can only solve this puzzle with your help.
I will ask you questions regarding your health, work, diet and lifestyle.
Your information is important to me!
The information that your body gives me is equally important to me: I gather this information via tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, abdominal diagnosis and other reflex zones in the body. In this way I am able to form a picture of the underlying mechanics of the illness.
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Tongue diagnosis

The different organs are reflected in the tongue. You can also discover many things from the shape and grooves of the tongue, the colour and the thickness of the coating of the tongue.
Tong diagnose Acupunctuur

Pulse diagnosis

Using pulse diagnosis you can feel the various organs and the pulse rate, rhythm, pulse strength and tension. All of this gives information regarding the underlying problem.
Pols diagnose AcupunctuurPols diagnose organen Acupunctuur

Abdominal diagnosis

I regularly make use of Kiiko Matsumoto’s Japanese form of Abdominal acupuncture diagnosis. This form is suitable for persistent chronic illnesses. Disruption of certain systems becomes apparent in the form of pain pressure reflexes on the abdomen (and also elsewhere in the body).
These are, for example, reflex zones which reveal disruptions in the immune system, the hormones or the sugar balance.
Inserting needles in “remote control” points, for example the limbs, restore the energy in the stomach.

Buikdiagnose Irmgard Acupunctuur Groningen

How does acupuncture work?

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